Engine Condition Trend Monitoring

Use your flight data to easily monitor aircraft engine health.

Scaled Analytics is pleased to offer Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM) as an optional service to our Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Aircraft On Ground (AOG) customers.*

With Scaled Analytics’ ECTM service, operators can monitor any recorded or calculated parameter at any phase of flight – automatically. This greatly simplifies reviewing EGT margins, but also provides you with the ability to monitor and trend much, much more. Just let us know what information you need captured and at what phase (or phases) of the flight profile and we will take care of the rest.

You will regularly receive a set of reports (typically monthly) that will show how your engine data is trending over time so you can better plan your maintenance actions.

Already have an ECTM program with another provider? No problem. Tell us what information they need and we can forward it to them automatically when you send us your data for your FDM/FOQA program.

*ECTM is included as part of our Premium FDM Service and is available as an option with our FDM Standard Service and FDM Enterprise SaaS solution.

How Does It Work?


There are no extra steps for you to worry about. Just download your flight data from your Quick Access Recorder or Flight Data Recorder and send it to us for processing as you normally do. Our Sky Analyst software will automatically process the data for both your FDM/FOQA and your ECTM programs.

If you are using a third-party ECTM provider, the required parameters will be extracted from your flight data and forwarded to your provider within a few minutes of being uploaded to our service – all automatically.

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