Products and Services

Scaled Analytics provides flight data services for the aviation industry, including: Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Readouts, Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), and Flight Data Analysis (FDA) through our secure cloud-based service, Sky Analyst.

Sky Analyst FDM

Sky Analyst FDM is a cloud-based, secure FDM/FOQA service for flight data event detection, analysis, and reporting. Sky Analyst FDM can improve safety and reduce maintenance and operations costs for commercial airlines, corporate business jet operators (CFOQA), helicopter operators (HFDM), and the general aviation community.

Sky Analyst FDR

Scaled Analytics can simplify the process for completing your annual Flight Data Recorder (FDR) readout serviceability checks, normally required every 12 months or 3000 flight hours.

Sky Analyst AOG

Sky Analyst AOG allows aircraft operators to use their flight data to return their aircraft to service much more quickly than has been possible in the past with our web-based flight data analysis tools.

Consulting Services

Should you have an incident for which you require analysis of the aircraft flight data, Scaled Analytics will work with your Safety Officer to interpret the results, identify possible causes, and identify possible corrective actions.

FRED Editor

The FRED Editor is a free Windows® application for editing FRED files. The Flight Recorder Electronic Documentation (FRED) format is an ARINC standard for decoding recorded flight data.