Sky Analyst AOG

Return your aircraft to service in minutes, not days

Sky Analyst AOG

Sky Analyst AOG is a cost effective data analysis service that allows aircraft operators to use their flight data to return their aircraft to service much more quickly than has been possible in the past. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there is no need for any special software or training. It works on PC, Mac, tablets and even most smartphones. Fleet managers can review flight data within minutes of recovering it from the aircraft anywhere in the world, regardless of where the aircraft is, in order to make decisions related to the release of an aircraft, or to plan further maintenance.



As soon as you upload your flight data file, our software processes it in the cloud automatically. Your data will be ready for you or anyone in your organization with authorized access to review within minutes of uploading.


Our senior staff are experts in flight data analysis, and are experienced in working with flight data from airlines, helicopter operators, military aircraft, business jets and general aviation. We utilize industry standard FRED (Flight Recorder Electronic Documentation) files appropriate for your aircraft to convert your raw flight data into meaningful engineering units.

Cost Effective

There is no special software to purchase, no special training courses to take, and no limit to the number of computers or tablets that can use our service. Sky Analyst AOG is priced per flight data file, not by site or user access. We can even provide you with an unlimited annual option if you prefer.

How Does it Work?

  1. Data is downloaded from the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) or Quick Access Recorder (QAR).
  2. The user logs into our secure website and opens a new analysis.
  3. The user then selects the aircraft for which the analysis is being done along with the recently download file, then clicks send.
  4. After a few minutes, the system will finish processing and show the flights that were detected on the file provided.
  5. The user can then select the flight(s) in question and view a plot and table of any recorded parameter.
  6. All or part of the data for the selected flight can be exported to CSV for analysis in any other software such as Microsoft Excel.


Is any special configuration required?

Before you can use the system, we will need to configure it for the data frame of your aircraft and do a check of your data to make sure there are no issues with any parameters. We accomplish this by performing a full FDR readout check and report on the first data file you send for analysis.

Your first use of the system will be charged at our FDR readout rate; however, you will receive a full FDR Readout Report that can be used to meet your annual FDR System Serviceability check requirement. This only needs to be done once per data frame, although we strongly recommend having a full report done for each aircraft you plan to use in the service.

Our FDR Readout customers can use the AOG service immediately without requiring any additional configuration.

Is there a training requirement?

We’ve designed our service from the ground up to be easy and straight forward to use, but we realize things might still take some getting used to. We are available to provide phone support as well as information on how to get started using the system. A how-to video is also included demonstrating how to use the system.

What type of support is available?

We provide unlimited email and web support 24/7. This includes access to our support portal as well as our knowledge base. Phone support is available during regular business hours and email support requests will be responded to by the next business day. Phone support outside of regular business hours is also available for additional cost as an option.

How long are results available for?

Results are typically archived after 30 days and permanently removed from the service after 2 years. Customers can change these terms to suit their own requirements on request.

Who owns the data?

Any data uploaded to Scaled Analytics’ site for any purpose remains the exclusive property of the customer.

Flight Data Monitoring

Sky Analyst FDM is a modern, cloud-based Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and FOQA solution for event detection, reporting and detailed analysis.

FDR Readouts

Sky Analyst FDR can simplify the process for completing your annual Flight Data Recorder (FDR) readout serviceability checks.

Consulting Services

Scaled Analytics has significant experience in the use of flight data for investigating aircraft incidents and accidents.