Why Scaled Analytics

At Scaled Analytics, we are passionate about what we do. We realize that alone is not enough to earn your business, but besides being experts in data analysis, we have several advantages that make us stand out among Flight Data Monitoring (or FOQA) service and software providers.

Watch the video below where Scaled Analytics CEO, Dion Bozec, discusses Scaled Analytics and what makes us different.

We Use Our Own Software

It may be a surprise, but many vendors offer Flight Data Monitoring services using third-party software. At Scaled Analytics, we developed our own modern, web-based system from the ground up using current state of the art development tools. Our software was built specifically with a cloud-based model in mind – we did not design software for “in-house” use and then repurpose it for a web-based service.

Because we own our software, we can get updates and user requested features in our system quickly without having to negotiate with a software vendor. And, because the system is 100% ours, we never have to charge our customers additional software licensing or royalty fees.


We Give You Choice

Scaled Analytics is one of the few flight data companies that offers a choice between a full-serve service in which we do the hard work for you, or an in-house software solution where your existing staff perform all data analysis activities.

And unlike those few software vendors that do offer both options, we use the exact same software system to deliver our service as our in-house customers use to run their program. This makes it easy for new, smaller operators to start with a service model but move over to an in-house software model once their experience and expertise in FDM evolves.

It also means that our in-house software customers can count on our analysts to assist them with data analysis activities during times of unexpectedly high workload or staff shortages. Our service model makes it easy to switch between software and service options at any time.

“While other vendors are looking for ways to charge their customers more, we continuously look for ways to save our customers money.”

We Are Experts in Flight Data and Software Systems

At Scaled Analytics, we know flight data. Our senior staff have been working with flight data since the late 90’s while some of our senior partners have experience dating back to the 80’s. We understand the limitations of flight data. We know what is possible and what simply is not.

In addition to that, we are also experts in software development and data systems. We know how to compliment flight data with data from external sources to expand the limits of what can be done within a Flight Data Monitoring system. While other vendors are playing catch up, we are continuously looking forward to innovative new technologies and data sources to increase the capabilities of your Flight Data Monitoring program.


We Offer a True Cloud-Based Solution

Sky Analyst FDM was designed from the ground up to be a cloud-based application. It is not simply legacy PC or Server class software that runs on a Virtual Machine residing in a data center. It is designed to take advantage of all that the cloud has to offer, including truly scalable processing power, unprecedented up-time and geo-redundant data storage, to name a few.

Our technology is truly state of the art.



We have been in the aviation industry long enough to know that margins are tight for most operators, no matter what they fly. While other vendors are looking for ways to charge their customers more, we continuously look for ways to save our customers money. That philosophy is directly reflected in our pricing model. Our pricing is simple and straightforward and there is no special software or hardware to purchase or install.

Contact us for a demo and we are confident you will be surprised to learn how affordable our service is.


We Are Not Salespeople

At Scaled Analytics, we do not have any salespeople. When you call us, you will either be speaking to one of our analysts, one of our developers, or our president himself. Because we are all passionate about what we do, everyone at the company is an expert on the system.

At Scaled Analytics, we say what we do and we do what we say without any surprises. While we would love to have you as a customer, we would only want your business if we can keep you as a satisfied customer. If we cannot meet your requirements, we will let you know ahead of time so that there are no surprises and no hard feelings down the road.


But Don’t Take Our Word for It

With over 60 customers (and counting) operating all over the globe, we are one of the fastest growing Flight Data Monitoring service providers in the world. We service over 70 different aircraft types – from helicopters and business jets to airliners and wide bodies – and we are always adding more aircraft, including the Airbus A220 and Boeing 787. We are more than happy to provide references on request so you can hear first hand from our customers how we are changing the Flight Data Monitoring landscape for the better – one satisfied customer at a time.

Some of the aircraft types we service are listed below. If you do not see yours, send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to discuss program options that may be available for you.

  • A220
  • A300
  • A319/A320/A321
  • A330
  • A340
  • AS332
  • ATR 42
  • ATR 72
  • AW119
  • AW139
  • Boeing BBJ
  • B717
  • B737 Classic
  • B737NG
  • B747-400
  • B757-200
  • B767-200/300
  • B777-200
  • B787
  • BAE146/Avro RJ
  • Cessna Citation Latitude
  • Challenger 600 Series
  • CL-415
  • CRJ
  • Dash-8 100/200/300
  • Dash-8 Q400
  • DC-9
  • EC135
  • EC145
  • EC155
  • ERJ-145
  • ERJ-170/175
  • ERJ-190
  • F100
  • Falcon 7X/8X
  • Falcon 2000
  • G-IV
  • G-V
  • Global Express
  • King Air
  • Legacy 600
  • MD-82
  • MD-87
  • Saab 340

Flight Data Monitoring

Sky Analyst FDM is a modern, cloud-based Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and FOQA solution for event detection, reporting and detailed analysis.

Aircraft Maintenance

Sky Analyst AOG is a cloud-based flight data analysis system that allows maintenance personnel to troubleshoot aircraft issues.

FDR Readouts

Sky Analyst FDR can simplify the process for completing your annual Flight Data Recorder (FDR) readout serviceability checks.