Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring


At Scaled Analytics, our services are not restricted to fixed wing aircraft. Helicopter operations offer some unique challenges not present in fixed wing operation. From medevac to off-shore oil rig operations, the helicopter environment is quite specialized and requires a special Flight Data Monitoring program – Helicopter FDM or HFDM.

Our advanced Flight Data Monitoring engine allows for customization to meet the unique needs of our helicopter customers. You can utilize one of our existing Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring event sets, or you can work with one of our experienced flight data analysts to develop an event set that meets your specific needs.

Why Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring?

While the nature of helicopter operations is very unique compared to fixed wing operations, many of the benefits of a fixed wing Flight Data Monitoring program extend to that of an HFDM program, namely:

  • Improve safety through objective data analysis and flight review
  • Monitor maintenance events and aircraft systems limitations
  • Identify areas for improvement in SOP’s
  • Improve training programs
  • Utilize flight data for aircraft maintenance troubleshooting

As flight data recording systems on helicopters become more advanced, more operators are benefitting from HFDM programs. At Scaled Analytics, we can help you get the most out of your HFDM program, whether you are just getting started or a seasoned HFDM operator.

FDM is an important component of Abu Dhabi Aviation’s Safety Management System, and it is equally important that we partner with a service provider like Scaled Analytics to meet our operational requirements.

Currently, Scaled Analytics provides FDM support for our AW139 and B412 helicopter fleets. Since implementation in early 2019, Scaled Analytics has delivered great technical assistance and prompt customer service to resolve the few issues that normally arise from time to time.

Training was tailored to our needs, and delivered competently through online sessions.

Michel Theriault

EHS Director, Abu Dhabi Aviation

Why Scaled Analytics?

Sky Analyst FDM by Scaled Analytics is a modern Flight Data Monitoring service with significant advantages for helicopter operators such as:

  • 100% cloud-based service. Access your data from most any device, anywhere you have an internet connection with no restrictions or limitations. It is as functional in a hotel room on a tablet as it is in the hangar on a PC.
  • Stability: We realize you may operate in areas where internet connections are less than perfect. Our system has a number of safeguards in place to ensure the system works no matter how “spotty” the internet may be.
  • No special software or hardware to purchase, lease, install, or maintain. Ever.
  • On demand reporting engine. Generate professional quality charts as and when you need them. Even from your smart phone.
  • On demand data and incident analysis. View any recorded aircraft parameter when you need to. On any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Optionally share flight data with maintenance to reduce aircraft down time and improve troubleshooting.
  • Advanced event detection engine. Utilize information from multiple data sources to detect events and identify trends that simply were not possible with older technology.
  • Work with the experts. Each of our senior staff have been working with flight data for nearly two decades. We are experienced in FOQA/FDM/HFDM, Accident/Incident Investigation, Flight Test and aircraft maintenance management.

For more information on why it makes sense to partner with Scaled Analytics for your HFDM service, click here.

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