Global Data Sharing

Compare your fleet with the world – anonymously

Introducing Global Data Sharing (GDS)

Scaled Analytics is pleased to launch our Global Data Sharing service. With Scaled Analytics Global Data sharing, you can quickly and easily compare your Flight Data Monitoring statistics to the collective community of Scaled Analytics users.

A screenshot of GDS from Sky Analyst FDM.

Compare Your Data to All Operators

With Scaled Analytics’ Global Data Sharing service, you can see how your data compares to that of all operators. This can be a big advantage for smaller operators that do not have a large fleet. Participating in Global Data Sharing effectively makes the smaller operator part of a larger “virtual” operator. Users can see what areas of Flight Data Monitoring are potential hot spots and plan their safety programs accordingly.

Filter and Drill Down for Detailed Analytics

Global Data Sharing is not just a collection of static reports. Users can drill down into data to get more detailed information. You can also filter based on aircraft category if you only wish to review results based on the category of aircraft you fly.

Identify “Hot Spot” Airports

Planning on opening a new route or are you a business jet operator flying to a new airport for the first time? Global Data Sharing can provide you with FDM related information on airports such as the top events and average touch down distances for each runway.

Completely Anonymous

You can rest assured that no identifiable information is available through the Global Data Sharing service. Operator names and aircraft registrations are not available and only airports being used by 3 or more operators are available for reporting.

Global Data Sharing is available at no extra charge to both service and in-house FDM/FOQA customers, but customers can always opt out at any time.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Global Data Sharing or any of Scaled Analytics services.

Flight Data Monitoring

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Corporate FOQA

We know that as corporate operators you have different Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) or Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) requirements than airlines.

Helicopter FDM

From medivac to off shore oil rig operations, the helicopter environment is quite specialized and requires a special Flight Data Monitoring program – Helicopter FDM or HFDM.