Sky Analyst FDM

The modern Flight Data Monitoring solution

Improve Safety and Operational Efficiency

Sky Analyst FDM is a modern Flight Data Monitoring solution offered as a fully managed service or as an in-house software product for larger organizations or those with flight data analysis expertise.

Both solutions offer advanced, powerful and scalable capabilities at costs significantly less than what was previously possible with legacy options.

Sky Analyst FDM

Sky Analyst FDM is a powerful flight data analysis tool for event detection, reporting, animation and data analytics.

Cost Effective

Because we utilize a modern software system on a true cloud based architecture, our infrastructure costs are significantly reduced compared to legacy systems and services. Those cost savings are passed on to the customer through the most competitive service fees in the industry.

Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can help you reduce your FOQA/Flight Data Monitoring costs without sacrificing functionality.

Easy to Use

Sky Analyst FDM is built from the ground up with the end user in mind. Our web-based interface is easy to use whether it’s on a PC, Mac or tablet. Users are not overwhelmed with features they will never use, making the interface simple to navigate on any device.

Of course, behind that easy to use interface lies a very powerful analysis engine. But we take care of the technical aspects for you so you only have to worry about providing safe and efficient operations.


As a true cloud based solution, our service is designed to work on all devices including PC, Mac, tablets, and EFBs. And because it is HTML5 based, there are no Java errors or update messages. It just works.

Use Sky Analyst FDM on as many devices as you wish at no additional cost. And we do not strip down functionality when you are working on a mobile device. You can work from a tablet in a hotel room as efficiently as you would on a PC at the office.

Sky Analyst FDM Analytics Screenshot

Corporate FOQA

We know that as corporate operators you have different Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) or Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) requirements than airlines.

Helicopter FDM

From medivac to off shore oil rig operations, the helicopter environment is quite specialized and requires a special Flight Data Monitoring program – Helicopter FDM or HFDM.

Consulting Services

Scaled Analytics has significant experience in the use of flight data for investigating aircraft incidents and accidents.